Welcome to the Shrimptopiashop aquascaping page! Showcased on this page are carefully laid out artistic aquariums from Adam Benson, customers and friends. Dedicated to the art of arranging and growing aquatic plants shop owner Adam has visited many inspirational displays around the world including Florestas submersas by Takashi Amano, L’Aquarium Barcelona and countless public and private displays along the east coast united states.  Please reach out to if you have interest in setting up an account for a planted aquarium.

29 Gallon Nature Style Aquascpe by Adam Benson

Equipment used include Fluval planted 2.0 lighting and custom sump filter.

Plants in this layout include Java fern, anubias, subwassertang, crytocoryne species, red tiger lotus, rotala wallichi, monte carlo, bucephalandra species, legendra meeboldi.

Rimless  shrimp nature style  Aquascape by Robert Troup Wang

The tank is 20″ wide by 16″ deep and 15″ high 20 gallons. Co2 injected. Filter is an internal overflow

“My inspiration came from a hike I did in Hawaii. Came across a beautiful rock wall with trees growing out. And ridge with lots of moss and grass. It had a water fall. In the scape the cave is where the water fall would have been.
I used Sieryu stone. As the carpet on the foreground and ridge. Complimented with some S Repens. A few scattered Anubis’s and buce. Weeping moss, wavy moss and hookerlace moss make up the trees. “
Rimless Dutch style aquascape by Victor Huang.

Equipment used: Twinstar s series and fluval 2.0 lighting and Tropica soil.

Plants in composition include tonina fluvatilis lotus blossom, syngonanthaus giant, blyxa aubertii , ludwigia senegalensis, rotala wallachi, eichornia diversifolia .
Rimless aquascape by Evan Stepowany

129L Fluval f90 (34 gallons) (W x D x H) 90 x 35 x 45cm, filtration: Fluval 206, Cascade Marlin UV 45 gallon, eheim surface skimmer. Twinstar 900SP light. ADA amazonia substrate. Fertilizers used: Tropica Specialized via jebao auto doser – dosing split into 2 micro doses 3x a week. Bi-weekly 33-50% water change.

Hardscape consists of Samurai stone and driftwood .
Current flora list:
glossostigma elatinoides, Limnophila aromatica mini, Cyperus helferi, cryptocoryne spiralis tiger, Pogostemon Kimberley, Pogostemon stellatus ‘narrow’, erio “vietnam”, rotala “bonsai”, stray rotala ‘enie’, alternanthera reineckii, Syngonanthus Rio Negro Giant, rotala macandra green, stray rotala macandra butterfly, hygrophila siamensis 53b, Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Red’, red tiger lotus, various “brownie” buces, Riccardia chamedryfolia (mini pellia/coral moss), xmas moss, fissidens fontanus

fauna list:
Otos, pseudomogil luminatus(paskaii – unsure), rummynose tetra, corydoras hastatus, mated betta pair, german blue ram, neocaridina shrimp, amano/japonica shrimp

Various posts on social media, aquascapers and hobbyists I have as friends. My friend victor was a big influence on the tank, as he was the main source for most of my not super-common plants, is a dutch-scaper by preference, and has me try new things constantly. Kevin Kelly , NJAGC, Michael Sizemore, Dustin’s fishtanks, Rachel O’Leary, George Farmer, Karen Randall, Darek Kara – all have had huge impacts on both my flora and fauna husbandry, as well as techniques and approaches. The visual is more of a in-the-moment thing for me… as i try to limit my influence on where the plants want to be, just to achieve a typical order of things… some think my tanks are chaotic, but the behavior of what lives in there has become more relaxing – and that was the goal for this and my other 12 tanks currently running.

things you would do different:
Keep xmas moss out (got in via stray strands), rework the stone to be slightly more visible, and not have ever put thrive+ into the tank. Also wish I had stacked the plants a little better at first, but the fish do appreciate the semi random nature of the plantings. this tank was a test to grow various higher demand stems, which i ended up just keeping things as they grew. plants ultimately have decided where they will grow, as i remove struggling plants and re-group them to a new area to see where they will flourish best. really wish i could have stuck to a single moss, but couldn’t decide between fiss. and the pellia.