Fire Red Neocaridina (10 count)

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Beautiful high grade neocaridina davidi. Selective bred for years and culled for the brightest color and most solid shell from the same bloodline that won Aquashella Shimp contest 2019. A easy peaceful hardy and adaptable shrimp prefer a planted tank and sponge filter.

Homebred in Denver in water parameters of 6.8ph, 200TDS, 8GH, 72degrees F.

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3 reviews for Fire Red Neocaridina (10 count)

  1. Dave

    All 10+1 shrimp arrived healthy, active and looking incredible. Will definitely order again from ShrimpTopia!

  2. Justin

    All shrimp showed up alive, shipping materials kept every a decent temperature, it sat ony porch in direct sun for almost an hour and the water temperature was 72 when I pulled them out. They all colored up nicely also after acclimation.

  3. Nathan

    Ordered these as my first shrimp and it was a great experience. Owner is very communicative and friendly the whole time, and offers lots of advice on keeping shrimp. Received 10+1 shrimp in the mail and all were happy and alive. Box was packed well to keep them safe. The shrimp look great and the process was very smooth. I would happily order and recommend these shrimp from shrimptopia.

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