Red Cherry Neocaridina (10 count)

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Very popular because they are hardy and beginner friendly algae eaters neocaridina davidi the Red cherry shrimp is prolific and undemanding. Enjoys a planted tank with limestone, leaf litter, and water of ph 6.8, 220tds, 6GH, 74 degree F

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

2 reviews for Red Cherry Neocaridina (10 count)

  1. Paul

    Hi Guys. I met Adam via an FB forum and I bought some red cherry shrimp from him twice at a very good price point per quality.

    Two things for discerning folks, I found Adam above and beyond friendly, knowledgeable and most willing to share his knowledge. And his shrimp are of high quality. We spent an hour my first trip just going over his set up, filtration, plants, etc.

    I highly recommend Adam and his shrimp. It’s been maybe 5 months since I last purchased stuff from him but I ping him a couple times a month to ask him about setups and equipment.

    You will be happy with his product, knowledge and service.


    Bought some rili shrimp from him and they are beautiful!! Shipping was way fast and packaging was awesome!! Will definitely buy more shrimp from him!!

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