Blue Dream Neocaridina (10 count) High Grade

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High Grade Blue Dream Neocaridina are a stunning addition to planted and invertebrate aquariums. Very deep blue coloration and low cull rate in offspring.

Water parameters: 6.6PH, 8gh, 4kh, 190TDS, 72 degrees F

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

1 review for Blue Dream Neocaridina (10 count) High Grade

  1. Jonathan Lam

    Purchased 2 orders of these Blue Dreams and they are absolutely stunning. Their coloration were symmetrical and there were no dark spots or imperfect hue. They were active out of the bag and immediately started exploring their new home after drip acclimating them. Definitely higher quality than most retailers that I’ve bought from. Thanks again for these beautiful shrimps!

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